Adalcom Eritrea is an active and well known private company dealing with the supply, installation and maintenance of Telecommunications equipment and it is established by Mr. Woldeab Beyene a creative director and a visionary leader a responsible for the incorporation of Adalcom Company.

Mr. Woldeab Beyene, Adalcom founder, has been brought as a General Manager of the company which has over 30 years’ experience in Telecommunications field and has worked on a large variety of projects at different companies and brings a strong skill to Adalcom Eritrea.

Adalcom is accustomed to a high level of efficient communication with experienced management and well trained staff which provide quality service and high levels of customer satisfaction. The company provides a complete range of professional products and services and assist organizations with the assessment, design and implementation of communication solutions for ensuring high availability, reliability and performance.

Adalcom is recognized in the industry for its experience and expertise in developing enterprise systems essential for any organization to ensure maximum efficiencies with a highly experienced technical team of certified professionals.

With its products and solutions portfolio ranging from world class brands coupled with trained and experienced professionals, Adalcom extend its services within Eritrea To ensure the successful and efficient execution of projects, Adalcom continuously conduct training for its technical staff to keep them up-to-date and well informed with the changes in technology.

The first objective is to offer a high value, high quality products for the Telecom Industry. Also important from an internal operation stand point is the ability to develop superior human assets through training and competitive incentives.

The pursuit of this specific business model ensure complete customer satisfaction.